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Travel to Yogyakarta

Travel to Yogyakarta should be done, when exploring Java, Bali island and beyond. Travel to Yogyakarta will get many benefits before traveling to other great spots in Java and Bali islands. Yogyakarta has two Airports which connect to almost all Airport in Indonesia, and many overseas Airports for direct flights. This will be effective to travel to Yogyakarta before visiting other cities in Indonesia, for all purposes traveling. Why Yogyakarta is the main gateway in Indonesia, is because of its strategic location (in the center of Java island) and the remarkable spots to visit; Borobudur and Prambanan temples and other great natural and cultural spots. Most tourists and travelers will visit Yogyakarta before exploring other great areas like Bromo and Ijen Crater, Pacitan beach town, etc. (East Java), Bali islands and beyond (Lombok and Eastern islands).

Travel to Yogyakarta will introduce you to how Indonesia is. Yogyakarta was the center of civilization of two Kingdoms (Sanjaya Dynasty and Syailendra Dynasty). Both families controlled the nation and even reached Burma and Thailand according to some inscriptions found in Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces. Borobudur temple was built by Syailendra Dynasty which is Buddha, while Prambanan temple was built by Sanjaya Dynasty which is Hindu. They seemed to compete and conquer each other by building a great monument/sanctuary which are known as Borobudur and Prambanan temples. After the meantime, they fought in a civil war; according to an inscription mentioning: a disaster happened in Central Java island which forced the community exoduses to East Java island.