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Welcome to Java and Bali islands, Indonesia. JavaBaliTrips company encourages and assure travelers from all over the world to visit and explore a beautiful archipelago country called Indonesia, starting from Yogyakarta (Java island) and continued to Bali island.

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Headquarter: Puri Sewon Asri H14, Panggungharjo Sewon-Bantul, 55188. Yogyakarta.
Branch Offices: Borobudur, Ijen & Bali island.
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For the years and beyond, JavaBaliTrips is consistent to improve the quality service. All contacts numbers to be accessible and responsive to provide information to customers.

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JavaBaliTrips company with the representative offices will make sure all valued customers served and accompanied in each destinations in Java and Bali islands.

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JavaBaliTrips is about an Easy, Secure and Memorable Holiday Travels to Java and Bali islands. Cultures, Adventures, Arts and Crafts will colorize your Holiday Travels.

My wife and I enjoyed an excellent tour by Ardi in a comfortable new airconditioned car. It exceeded our expectations. Ardi was very articulate and knowledgable. The sunrise at Borobudur was awesome. There were extra surprises we enjoyed. The breakfast at the Borobudur function area was exceptional and made the admission price very good value. A visit to the Lewak (crap) coffee roaster shop at Pawon will provide bragging stories. It was personalized for our preferences. We were very privileged to experience all of this.

Joe Adelaide, Australia

Flexible and caring
My driver Mega was very kind and caring plus fairly flexible. As I wasn’t feeling well, I asked him to skip Merapi park’s 4WD activity and he suggested me another off-beat place to go instead. You might find a slightly cheaper driver in the city for a similar tour but highly unlikely to be an English- fluent one. I recommend this tour over taking risks for a penny. Dec 8, 2019 – TripAdvisor


Vacation in Borobudur and Jogja
Borobudur is certainly worth visiting. The view was majestic and awesome. Recommended to be there early as it gets really hot towards mid-day. After visiting Borobudur temple, we may continue to other great spots with our driver guidance.  Pawon & Mendut temples, and a Buddhist monastery are the next spots before Merapi volcano & Prambanan temple. Dec 10, 2019 – TripAdvisor


Amazing Experience
The driver/guide, Ardi was a very good English speaker and very knowledgeable. I have learned a lot about the local customs and religions. The only downside is that the temple fees are more expensive than the tour itself, so be prepared for that. Overall I recommend this tour, Borobudur is unique and the trip up to Merapi, 2nd most active volcano in the world, was mindblowing. Oct 28, 2019 – TripAdvisor.

Serfiro ValersiTraveler


T. Murakamiボロブドゥールは必見

Private Yogyakarta Day Tour
I had a great time during this private tour around the temples and Merapi Park. The tour is self paced and can be done earlier/later depending on your preferences. Ardi was a great tour guide, driving carefully around villages and giving some interesting insights. I can recommend this tour.  Yogyakarta, Oct 25, 2019.

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