10 best things to do in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta however, is the main gateway to explore Java and Bali islands. There are 10 best things to do in Yogyakarta for your best holiday travel in Java and Bali islands. There so many things to do in Yogyakarta and the surrounding area.  Central, West and East Java islands are the next great spot and activities for your holiday travels and even combined with business travels. Cultures, Adventures, Arts, and Crafts or even businesses are available and challenging. Then, Bali and beyond are exciting to experience other great journeys. These two islands will amaze you with unique experiences, friendly people and a great environment. Here are the 10 best things to do in Yogyakarta and beyond (even more):
1. Borobudur Temple
It is a marvelous huge Buddhist monument, which will lead you to the past glory of Buddhism in Java island. There thousands of narrative pannels with the stories and philosophy that need 3 days of exploration, if you would learn all the stories and history. Sunrise time is the best moment to visit Borobudur temple, to avoid crowds and the sun heat. However, you may choose other times to visit (regular visit at 06.30 am-05.00 pm or Sunset).
2. Prambanan temple
This Hindu complex temple was built in the same era of Borobudur temple (8th Century AD). Prambanan temple was created by Sanjaya Dynasty (‘the rival’ of the Buddhist Dynasty). The two Dynasties seemed in a big competition in the past time. They built and created many temples and their grandest temples of Borobudur and Prambanan temples.
3. Jomblang Cave
Jomblang cave seems the only pit cave with its spectacular moment (of the light from heaven). It takes 2 hours to drive by car from Yogyakarta city. It is 60 meters deep vertically cave, and you must walk another flat muddy 500 meters path inside to get the bottom the heavenly light. Make sure that you are ready to experience this adrenaline activity. Afterward, you may explore other fun activities; Pindul Cave Tubing, KaliSuci River Tubing or Gondola at Timang beach.
4. Fun exploring villages by Bikes
Put this fun activity among your great activities during the holiday to explore beautiful villages in Yogyakarta or Borobudur temple’s area. Let us meet the locals, visit local markets, see traditional houses and even join the craft making in the villages (batik making, Pottery, etc.).
5. Hill’s Hiking
Get a little exercise hiking up a hill to see the beautiful landscape of Java and meet locals in remote areas. Our tour guide will make sure you have unique experiences along the way up and down.
6. Yogyakarta City Tour
There some ways to explore Yogyakarta city. There some great places to visit; Sultan’s Palace, Royal Horse carriage Museum, The Water castle ‘TamanSari’, Explore kampongs by walk and visit the Central Market.
7. The green Temple’s Sunset
After visiting Prambanan temple or exploring Yogyakarta city, we may drive up the hill’s summit to visit the Green temple called ‘Candi Ijo’ to see and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Then, we may drive to Prambanan Ramayana Ballet performance to watch a spectacular Ballet performance with the Prambanan temple’s Shrines as the backdrop (Dry season only).
8. Kedung Kayang Waterfall
Kedung Kayang WaterFall is located on the slope of Merapi volcano, which is another amazing nature activity to explore. You may combine with other activities of Borobudur temple visit and volcanoes museum nearby.
9. White River Rafting
There are 3 great rivers in Central Java (Borobudur temple’s area) to explore by rafting boats. This will depend on your grade you would experience. Progo river (‘down river’) and Serayu rivers are an expert grade. You also may combine this activity with others to get an effective day.
10. Pacitan Beach Town
Pacitan beach town is 2 hours away by car from Yogyakarta. The town has great white-sanded beaches for surfing, fishing, and swimming. This small beautiful town also has beautiful caves with stalactite and stalagmites and many other unique caves.