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Pacitan Beach Town

Two hours away (by car) from Yogyakarta, a small south-coast town called “Pacitan” lies on a horseshoe bay ringed by rocky cliffs. Pacitan beach town seems to be the next great destination for tourists after Yogyakarta and Bali island. It is a hidden Paradise in Java island with its great spots of white-sanded beaches for surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkelling and some other great nature activities. Pacitan beach town also has unique caves with its characteristics; Vertical, Spacious, Flat exploring by walk for 3 km with the waterfall, which to explore to whom adventurous minded. It’s a beach resort with limited accommodation and a few fresh seafood restaurants. For a long time, very few foreigners ever made it here. Today, thanks to the discovery of some epic surf spots in the town’s vicinity an ever-increasing number of foreign surfers are passing through. Non-surfing tourists remain rare, but the stunning coastline here offers much tourist potential.

The blonde beach at Pacitan itself is set in a rather dramatic bay shaped like a stemless wine glass. The natural harbour to the west is set against the towering jungled cliffs, and there’s a series of decent beach peaks as the beach meanders east toward a reasonable point break.

If you make an off-season visit during the week, you’ve got a good chance of having a virtually deserted beach to yourself. [some articles granted from LonelyPlanet]