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Hiking is an outdoor activity by walk to a hill or mountain. Java and Bali islands are mountainous area with many beautiful hills and mountains (and volcanoes). There are about 40 volcanoes (dormant & active) in Java and Bali islands. JavaBaliTrips company provides a various hiking / climbing to beautiful hills and mountains (volcanoes). JavaBaliTrips does fun / soft adventure, medium and expert hiking activities. Menoreh Hills is the best choice for hiking (soft and medium trek). Merapi volcano is another great hiking experience for medium and expert types.

Hiking activity will make you feel fresh and have unique experiences during the holiday moments in Java and Bali islands. Meet the locals, see the tropical vegetation and even wild animals (monkeys, birds etc.).

There are 200 volcanoes (dormant and active) in Indonesia, and 127 of them are the active ones. Merapi volcano is of the ‘eye catching’ for the hikers and climbers to explore. Get more details about our outdoor activities and let’s plan the best itinerary during your holiday to Java and Bali islands.