JavaBaliTrips keeps consistency in selling Java cultural tours like visiting archaeological sites of Gedong Songo temple (The nine temple complex), Gedong Songo temple tour is one of the main products. it is Located on the slope of Ungaran Mt (central Java), 1,200 mtrs above sea level, Gedong Songo temple is a Hindu complex temple which are sited separately on the foot of the mountain. There is an active crater after the 7th temple. It was rediscovered at 1804 by sir Thomas Raffles when he was a governor of central Java, after the the Dutch's colonization. He did an archaeological discovery in that period, including Borobudur temple. Gedong Songo in English The nine temples, which could be the symbol of perfection, but the name was given by the locals because of the nine different complex. There is no inscription found it the area, but seeing from the building character and the materials, it was built in 8th century, the same era with another Hindu complex temple of Dieng. If we would explore the temple, It takes 2 hours by car from Borobudur temple. Before or after visiting the site you may explore the traditional fruit market, and flower market (early morning only)
Full Day Tour Gedong songo & Old Train Museum
Leaving early morning from Yogyakarta at 07.00, expected arrive at the site on 10.00 then we hike up visiting one complex to another. You may rent a horse to explore all complex, either walking up and down from the first complex to another and stop by at the small active crater. After two hours enjoying the visit, we continue to explore the fruit market before visiting the old train museum. After finish visiting the museum, we drive back to Yogyakarta and expected arrive at your hotel at 19.00.
This is just one of the trip's combination between Gedong songo, market and old train museum. We may combine with other objects like visiting Borobudur temple.
**Private tour
***Please discuss the itinerary