Fiveteen minutes from the downtown by car, 45 minutes by a public bus, Prambanan complex temple lies at the eastern side of Yogyakarta city. The area is pretty closed to the International airport Yogyakarta. It is famous with the legend of "Rara Jonggrang", when the princess (Rara Jonggrang) tried to refuse a marriage propose from a King "Bandung bondowoso, by asking him to built thousand temples in one night.  

Adjacent to the complex to the north are Bubrah temple, Lumbung temple, and Sewu temple; to the east are found Plaosan temple. Kalasan temple and Sari temple are to the west, and further is the Sambisari temple. Also, Ratu Boko palace located on the hill is another interesting spot for sunset and culture. Ratu Boko is the complex of fortified gates, bathing pools, and elevated walled stone enclosure, all located on top of the hill south of Prambanan. These all areas is just the most complete ancient's sites location where the past history can be traced back. Ten minutes to the east from Yogyakarta international airport, the sites can be visited before or after driving to solo city or the tour can combine with Yogyakarta city tour. The tour packages we organize are very flexible with the time and object destinations you may interest. Cultures, shopping, adventures and even travel's business are the products which can be combined to be a relaxing tour package.