Pekalen River Rafting is one of the best adventure or fun trips in East Java, Indonesia.There are two legends about the river, apart of the natures and environment. The first story is about the journey of King Hayam Wuruk and Gajah Mada Mahapatih visited some exotic place on the island of Java, such as some areas in Probolinggo, such Gending Bremi, Segaran, etc. And the river was the favorite place of Gajah Mada. The second legend is the Queen Goddess Rengganis ever stop and build castles in the river bank before fleeing to Mount Argopuro because of the enemie's attack.

The river current can be used for rafting within 29 miles. The trips can be organized into three types; 1.Top Pekalen River (FunTrip I, 12 km), 2. Central Pekalen River (FunTrip II, 7 miles), and 3. River Pekalen adventure (Adventure Trip, 10 km). Most Rafter calls Pekalen river as a paradise for rafters (rafter paradise), because it combines outstanding natural exotic with caves and waterfalls that are not found in other rivers, as well as the rapids are challenging and varied ranging grade II s / d IV. Make a reservation HERE and we will combine the trip with exploring Bromo Crater and other highlights in East Java.