This special trip is for anyone interested in Javanese traditional medicine, spirituality and unique outdoor activities in the Javanese heartland. The workshop needs a minimum of 10 participants. Suroloyo is one of the holly spot to experience this trip. We set 10 days package for this special tour package for those interested in Java Spiritual Trip and Culture. The numbers of days and visitors is so presented with a care to build up and maintain a bonded group energy which one would find during a retreat.

The rest of the time is dedicated to field visits taking the visitor to sacred places around the Provinceof Yogyakarta. These spots are spread over the 4 districts of Yogyakarta i.e. Gunungkidul, Bantul, Sleman and Kulonprogo. A range of geological and natural settings will be visited since some of these pilgrimage spots are set by volcanoes, beaches, top of hills, freshwater ponds, caves, forests or rivers. Please contact us!