Merapi volcano is the most active volcano in Java island. The volcano attracts us to explore and even to get closed to the crater. The panoramic view is amazing from both the foot and the top of the volcano. There are ways to enjoy the nature the wild of Merapi volcano. Merapi Off Road Tour is an easy alternative tour to get closed to Merapi volcano. There are two ways to explore Merapi volcano by Jeep. The most popular one is from the southern side of Merapi volcano. The second one is from the west side of the volcano. The both tracks are only can be enjoyed during the dry season June-October. Merapi Off Road trips can combined with other day trips, like visiting the temples or exploring Yogyakarta city. However, the tours should be done at morning for sunrise either morning time.

We may also enjoy the volcano by climbing by foot, tracking up to the summit of the volcano to see the sunrise and the spectacular panoramic view of central Java. The Merapi climbing tour is only led and guided by our professional tracking tour guide from the north side of the volcano, Selo village. The others track paths were damaged by the eruptions several years ago. Please Read Our Terms & Policies