Adinda Beach Villas is the best hideaway for your holiday in Yogyakarta. Just stay away in quiet peaceful place as Adinda Beach Villas and get more experiences and activities during your vacation trip in Yogyakarta. The Villas with great Javanese architecture will pamper your soul with our local and cultural tours. The location is just great with the ocean's view of Parangtritis beach, Adinda beach villas is confidence to promote the property,as well the local area. There so much activities in the area like Paragliding, Village tour etc. Parangtritis beach is one of the most popular spots for tandem paragliding in Central Java, where the annual international event of Air Show is held. Let's see what we can do for your perfect holiday in Yogyakarta, staying at Adinda Beach Villas.

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1. Village Tour
2. Cycling Tour
3. Cross Country
4. Hill's Tracking Sunset
5. Beach Horse Riding
6. Yogyakarta City Tour
7. Temples Tour
8. Caving, Snorkeling
9. Fishing
11.Art and Shopping Tour