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Krakatoa biggest eruption 27 Agustus 1883


Krakatoa biggest eruption in the world becomes a wildest natural phenomena during the decades. It was on August 27th 1883, the volcano Krakatoa, Indonesia, erupted in one of the biggest and most cataclysmic explosions in history. The eruption ripped a huge chunk of the Earth’s crust, forming a gaping 16-square-mile hole under the sea. As the volcano collapsed into the hole, the sea rushed in and produced a tidal wave. The volcano of Krakatoa or Krakatau was located in Sunda strait between Java and Sumatra islands. It still remain exist with the ‘son of Krakatoa’ while the ‘father’ was totally damaged and vanished from his wild eruption. Imagine an explosion so tremendous that:

  • It blew the island it was on to pieces.
  • It produced the loudest sound on earth, which was heard in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Brisbane (Australia) 2,500 miles away.
  • Tidal waves caused by the eruption even traveled across the Pacific Ocean and were felt on the west coast of the United States.
  • It flung 7,000 cubic feet of rocks and debris 17 miles into the sky.
  • The debris landed on Madagascar, across the Indian Ocean, and caused spectacular sunsets all over the world for the next three years.
  • The ash reached Singapore, 522 miles away.
  • It was pitch black for two days in the Sunda Straits.

The atmospheric waves produced by the eruption circled the globe seven times. ‘ Although Krakatoa was totally blown apart in the 1883 eruption, it was not completely extinct. Today, in its place, is an island of volcanic ash created by the 1928 eruption, Anale Km’leatoa, or “Child of Krakatoa.’ Seismologists are constantly monitor this young volcano for signs or indications of a repeat explosion, while geologists and biologists study the life forms that have evolved on the island.

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