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Jomblang cave Yogyakarta is a vertical (pit) cave typed of ‘collapse doline’ which was shaped by a geological process. The natural process was happened thousands years ago, when an earthquake ruined the the area and shaped a sinkhole. The soil / land and the vegetation shank down shaped a vertical hole, called “Luweng” (in Javanese). We found out that the vegetation and the soil have different characters to the vegetation and soil on surface (today). Another uniqueness is the vertical shape of 60 meters deep will give a beautiful amazing effect when the sun-ray go through the hole midday`which is called “a light from the heaven”.

These natural phenomena; ancient’s vegetation, vertical shape, under earth river and the heavenly light are the most attractive spot and activity in Yogyakarta. This adrenaline activity will give you a great experience while exploring Yogyakarta, among other cultural and fun activities. Put Jomblang cave Yogyakarta in your trip’s itinerary, and make sure you have Java Bali Trips company as your trips planner in Yogyakarta.
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