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Indonesian climate support Agriculture

A tropical country of Indonesia is blessed with two seasons: dry season and rainy season. The Indonesian climate affects all aspect of the country. The dry season usually occurs from June to September and the rest is rainy season. Sunshine is abundant except in rainy season when the sky tends to be cloudy. It is advisable to visit Indonesia during dry season. Even tough during the rainy season, we still can manage the tours and activities since the rain comes at afternoon or evening mostly. So that, we still can do the day tours starting at morning time and evening for the indoor’s activities like visiting art galleries, dance performance and even hanging around at restaurant and cafe while enjoying the rain.

Make sure that your holiday visit to Indonesia (except Bali island) does not coincide with holiday festivities such as Muslim holiday Eid (Lebaran;s day), because the traffic will be very bad in the cities and even in all area especially in Java island. Unless you are interested in seeing the festivals up close and experiencing them, of course.

Indonesia’s climate can be hot and humid, so bringing along sunblocks and moisturizers during dry season is recommended. No need to bring umbrellas during rainy season because Java Bali Trips company will provide it for you during the tours. Also, they are easy to find even in small shops. You might need extra clothing though, and you can purchase them almost anywhere.

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