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Holiday is one thing important in life. Working and saving money for long time to travel and explore the world. Making a plan, budgeting, and even learning other’s culture. Meeting and interacting with locals will be a great experience and it is very important to know what we can do and don’t. One country to other country is different for ” Dos and Don’ts” Here are some important instructions for Dos and Don’ts when visiting Bali island.
A. Drinking water
1. Do drink bottled mineral water
Bali island is hot all year around and make sure to bring bottled mineral waters all the day along the travel and activities, you don’t want to dehydrate.
2. Don’t drink tap water
It is not hygienic except there is a notification board on it. Almost none all part of public area in Indonesia.
B. Shopping
1. Do haggle in markets and street shops. Humor, smile and act like a friend or family will take you to great prices, part of bargaining.
2. Don’t haggle too hard, be polite and make it fun when doing transactions.
C. Mind the head
1. When traveling / taking an excursion, mind your head for some traditional houses and market have low roof.
2. Wear helmet when riding scooter, otherwise Police will stop you (most priority for your safety, for sure).
3. Don’t touch people’s head, even to the kids. Head is an sacred part of our body, they assume.
D. Entering a temple
1. Wear a sarong, or long dress or pant. Balinese are very religious and put their temple as the most sacred place in life, to respect.
2. Don’t enter a temple when menstruating.
E. When giving and receiving
1. Do always use your right hand, or both hand when giving or receiving things (especially foods, drinks, bible / sacred things) from and to others.
2. Don’t point at somethings by your left hand.
F. When driving
1. Do honk the horn briefly when overtaking. It is a common way to let others know you are passing.
2. Don’t hold the horn down. Never aggressive even in the traffic jam.
G. Getting someone’s attention
1. Do wave with your palm facing down. When asking someone to come by, stretch your hand out, palm down and move your fingers toward yourself.
2. Don’t point with your index finger, that is considered offensive. Use your entire hand if you want to point out something.
H. When invited to dinner
1. Do make room for a second serving. You will most likely be asked for one and it will be impolite to reject.
2. Don’t empty your plate (in Bali island only). Leave a little food as an offering to the gods and to let the host know you had enough to eat.⁠⁠⁠⁠
I. Partying
1. Do enjoy an ice cold bintang. Bali’s number one beer which comes in large bottles.
2. Don’t do drugs! Indonesian drug laws are extremely strict.
J. Watch your feet
1. Do take your shoes off when entering home or main temple (chamber)
2. Don’t touch or point at someone with your feet. It ia considered very offensive.

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