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Yogyakarta Cultural Events

27 September 2018 112x Calendar of Events Indonesia, Culture

Yogyakarta has a various events everyday. Yogyakarta cultural events conducted by both Government and private companies to complete tourists attractions. Yogyakarta cultural events will make your holiday travels in Yogyakarta worth and more attractive. CLASSICAL JAVANESE DANCE PERFORMANCE – Every... read more

the charm of lombok sumbawa, lombok island, the charm of lombok

The Charm of Lombok Sumbawa

Lombok and Sumbawa islands attracts the world lately, even more than Java and Bali islands. In spite of the dire earthquake that recently shook North Lombok, today the province of West Nusa Tenggara refuses to dwell in sorrow and chooses... read more

wonderful sail, sail indonesia, indonesia event, wonderful sail to indonesia 2018

Wonderful sail to Indonesia 2018

The annual event of Wonderful sail to Indonesia 2018 will exploring the great spots in the archipelago. Keeping up the tradition of annual international sailing events across the stunning Indonesian seas, the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia (WSTI) 2018 this year... read more

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