Plan Your Best Travel Holiday

There is so much to plan your best travel to have a great holiday together with your family or your own. Traveling to Asian countries such as Indonesia is the best option lately. If things don’t go well, it can be chaos rather than bliss. Gathering information can give you great ideas about where you […]

Indonesia’s Travel Information

Indonesia is the fastest Asian’s growing country in tourism industry among other Asian countries. The Indonesian Government has been preparing 10 destinations which will be promoted with destination branding and integrated marketing communication plan, namely: Great Jakarta; Great Bali; Great Riau Islands; Joglosemar (Jogjakarta, Solo, and Semarang); Bunaken, Wakatobi, and Raja Ampat; Medan; Lombok; Makassar; […]

Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with thousands islands. Hundreds different ethnic groups and languages, hundreds different cultures and customs. This nation is united by a national laguage called “Bahasa Indonesia” which was declared in 1928 in “Youth Declaration”. The declaration is: one nation, one national language, Indonesia! Here are some important notes about the best […]

King Salman Visits Java and Bali Islands

King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Kingdom Saudi Arabia will visit Indonesia (Java and Bali islands) from March 1 to 9, 2017. This will be a historic moment for Indonesia because there has been no such a trip for 47 years. The king of Saudi Arabia and his entourage of about 1.5 thousand people will […]

Family Vacation Package in Jogja

Name: Guest family Date: All the month Hotel: The WestLake Resort / family Room Payment: Down payment – Cash upon arrival Status: Confirmed / not confirmed Train / Flight: Morning-Afternoon Flights Driver: Mega / Ivan / Ardi / Supri Special remarks : Mrs – vegetarian foods Emergency Call: +62 818 466 933 / +62 822 […]

Sky Phenomena in Indonesia 2017

Above the sky Indonesia in 2017, at least will occurred 7 rare celestial phenomena. 01. February 11th – Lunar Eclipse Penumbra The phenomenon of penumbral lunar eclipse is different with the the (regular) total lunar eclipse nor the partial lunar eclipse. The penumbral lunar eclipse fact is that the moon not disappear from the sky. […]

The weather of Indonesia

Weather in Indonesia can be split into two seasons – wet and dry – with warm tropical temperatures averaging 28°C during the day, throughout the year. The weather of Indonesia in most regions, the dry season spans from May to September, with the rains falling between October and April. There are some regional exceptions. In […]

New Airport Indonesia

The Ministry of Transportation Indonesia will build 15 new airports, extension of the runway (runway) in 27 locations, and the development of the airport passenger terminals in 13 airports in Indonesia this year. The head of Public Communication Ministry of Transportation, JA Barata, said that the budget allocation for improvement of airport services it amounted […]

Hospitality Business 2017

Indonesian government will boost the hospitality industry by releasing newest investment regulations which make international investor more easy to plant their companies. The infrastructures is really prepared to support this rapid investment. Hence, Java and Bali is till the leading tourist destination among others, even the there is no enough space anymore. It is just […]

Public Holidays Indonesia 2017

The official public holidays Indonesia 2017 have been released by Indonesian Government. This annual official program has been conducted in the last 7 years to boost the travel and holiday industry. This program has a good impact to the hospitality business, since the people will have enough time to plan and spent their holiday moments. The concept […]