Above the sky Indonesia in 2017, at least will occurred 7 rare celestial phenomena.

01. February 11th – Lunar Eclipse Penumbra
The phenomenon of penumbral lunar eclipse is different with the the (regular) total lunar eclipse nor the partial lunar eclipse. The penumbral lunar eclipse fact is that the moon not disappear from the sky. It is not even easy to find out if the Moon was in a state of eclipse or just a regular Full Moon. When penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon seems to change a little dark, or reduced its bright.

When Penumbra lunar eclipse, the Moon will enter the Earth’s penumbra cone, and still receive partial sunlight to be reflected. For Lunar Eclipse Penumbra February 11, 2017, some communities in Indonesia will observe this eclipse at Sumatra, parts of Java, and a small portion of Borneo. It will take shortly, because the eclipse will begin soon as the Moon will set and dawn.
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02. April 8th – Opposition Jupiter
In April 8, we can see the presence of Jupiter in the sky all night. The night sky we will be presented with sightings of the planet Jupiter because the lined position will be: Sun-Earth-Jupiter. Earth’s position will be in between Sun and Jupiter and the two will be seen from the opposite direction, ie Jupiter in the eastern sky at dusk, on the meridian at midnight, and in the western sky at dawn. Then, Jupiter will be visible all night along with other satellites.

In Indonesia Jupiter’s sight will be at 18:22 pm and culminate shortly before midnight. When you want to see the composition of Jupiter’s cloud, you use a medium-sized telescope.
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03. April 22nd to 25th – Lyrids meteor shower
Lyrids Meteor is a leftover debris from comet Thatcher orbiting the Sun for 415 years. These meteors can we see each April from 16 to 25. This year, the meteor total shower will be on 22-25 April. The Lyrids Meteor rain will produce at least 20 meteors per hour will be racing on the direction of the constellation Lyra in the northern sky.

04. May 5 – Eta Meteor Showers Aquariids
If you had already Lyrids Meteor Shower which lasted from 22 to 23 April 2017, now is the time Meteor Showers Eta Aquariids coming from Halley’s comet fragments that you should not miss out on the upcoming May 5, 2017.

It has been predicted by the meteorological agency that there will be 60 meteors per hour that would take off from the direction of the constellation Aquarius north eastern sky in Indonesia. This meteor shower will take place in the middle of the night until the rising sun themselves later.

05. August 7 – Lunar Eclipse
Partial lunar eclipse phenomenon can be witnessed in Indonesia began at 22:50 pm
No matter that in February we did not realize the occurrence of a lunar eclipse due on the 7th of August in the sky Indonesia lunar eclipse will happen again, but this time is the lunar eclipse in part. When lunar eclipse Most, most disk Moon will be in the umbra of Earth and partly in the penumbra area. The moon that is in the umbra of the Earth, will not be able to receive sunlight while others in the penumbra can still receive partial sunlight. Therefore, the observer can see part of the Moon disappears and some rather dim. In Indonesia, this phenomenon can be seen starting at 22:50 pm on August 7 and ended two hours later on August 8.

06. November, 13 – Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter
Venus and Jupiter Conjunction is a phenomenon in which we can see both planets at the same time. Do not miss the midnight sky on this day because there is a spectacular view of the planet Venus and Jupiter appeared simultaneously. The distance from Earth is very close, which is only a distance of 0.3 degrees apart. Position a line or a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter can be seen

07. November 4th and December 3rd – Supermoon
Last year we saw supermoon in November, this year we can see it again on November 4 and December 3. Supermoon is a phenomenon where the moon was at the closest distance to Earth. Usually the moon is less than about 355,000 km from the Earth, it is also one of the most Supermoon large and very bright in the decade.

Supermoon Rising