The Ministry of Transportation Indonesia will build 15 new airports, extension of the runway (runway) in 27 locations, and the development of the airport passenger terminals in 13 airports in Indonesia this year. The head of Public Communication Ministry of Transportation, JA Barata, said that the budget allocation for improvement of airport services it amounted to Rp5,836 trillion. This huge project will support and boost other department like tourism and trading. Indonesian Government will commit to welcome international investors openly.

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He said this is in accordance with the commitment of the Ministry of Transportation to realize “Nawa Cita” initiated by President Joko Widodo, equitable development to boost economic growth and strengthen the regions within the framework of the nation. He said that the project is not only focused on Java island, but equally to the other islands and provinces in the country.

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A total of 15 new airports to built and develop are; Anambas, Tambelan, Tebelian, Enggano, Miangas, Morowali, Dead End Kunik, kufar, Namniwel, Pantar, Moa, Segun, Sinak, Koroway, and Manggelum, Wates Yogyakarta.

Airport terminal which are developed; the airport Cut Nyak Dien, Kerinci, Muara Bungo, Syamsir Alam, SM Kaharuddin, SM Salahudin, Maumere, Naha, Melongguane, Larat, Kebar, Senggeh and Kapim. In the meantime, extension of the runway to do in Binaka, Anambas, Lampung, Hanandjoeddin, Pangkalan Bun, Siantang, Melak, Cape of Good Hope, Sumenep, Malang, Morowali, Kolaka, and Wanopito. Then Larantuka, Kuabang, Marinda, Sorong, Ayawasi, Serui, Moa, Saumlaki, Tual, Dobo, Bomakia, Mindiptana, Komaam and Okaba.