Indonesia is a big country, famous with the friendly people, colorful cultures, foods and fruits, natures and landscapes. JavaBaliTrips keeps its consistency in giving unique experiences during your travels and vacations in Indonesia, especially in Java and Bali Islands. Indonesian Local foods and dishes are very exciting and challenging for travelers! The most popular Indonesian Cuisines are:
1. Soto (Indonesian soups)
Soto is almost everywhere in the country with its taste and character based on the area. There many kinds of soto; Soto Jawa, Soto Banjar, Soto Kudus, Soto Betawi etc. The food consists of: rice, bean sprouts, tommato, cabage, chicken / beef and any other variations like tofu etc. These will be mixed with spices and seasoning dress. It usually served with other condiments like tempe, perkedel (potato cake), crispy chips.
2. Gudeg
It is a typical Javanese / Jogjanese food, made from jackfruit, cassava leaves cooked with coconut’s milk and the local spices.This is the most famous culinary in Yogyakarta. It serves with rice, egg, chicken, tofu and other condiments. This culinary is a flexible food, since can be served as a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
3. Sate
These tasty meat skewers cook up over coals so hot they need fans to waft the smoke away. Whether it’s chicken, goat, mutton or rabbit, the scrappy morsels get marinated in turmeric, barbecued and then bathed in a hearty dose of peanut sauce.
Other nations now claim to sate as their original cuisine, but Indonesians consider it a national dish conceived by street vendors and popularized by Arab traders. Each vendor seeks distinction, but “sate madura” is served with rice cakes (lontong) and diced cucumber and onion (in some areas have different variations). It is distinguished by its boat-shaped street carts.
4. Nasi Goreng & Mi Goreng
Considered Indonesia’s national dish, this take on Asian fried rice and fried noddle are often made with sweet, thick soy sauce called kecap (pronounced ketchup) and garnished with ‘acar’ pickled cucumber and carrots. You will fing these dishes almost everywhere in each corner of the towns and cities with different variations. It is served evening time.
5. Nasi Padang
Just like others, it is 100 percent Indonesian, from a city in Sumatra called Padang. It is almost in every cities and towns in Indonesia for the familiar taste for Indonesian. Chose from among more than a dozen dishes — goopy curries with floating fish heads or rubbery cow’s feet — stacked up on your table. “It always looks sodead,” a friend once said. Indeed, otak (brain) leaves little to the imagination. Chuck away the cutlery and dig in with your hands then wash the spice away with a sweet iced tea.
6. Rawon
This soup is originally from East Java, but you can find in many cities in Indonesia, with its variation based on the area. A beef stew that goes heavy on the keluak nut to give it a nutty flavor and a deep, black color. The soup base also mingles with garlic, shallots, ginger, turmeric and red chili to make it nice and spicy.
7. Babi Guling
Pork is uncommon in this Muslim majority nation, but we had to include roast suckling pig given the near hysteria it generates on the Hindu island of Bali.
The Balinese respect their food and lavish attention on its preparation. Before spit-roasting the pig they bath it in coconut water and rub it with chili, turmeric, garlic and ginger to ensure succulence.
8. Gulai & Tongseng
Gulai is the common name for curry dishes, namely those from north Sumatra. While tongseng is very common in Java. Gulai and Tongseng usually are served altogether as a choice in a restaurant. Indonesian curries have regional variations that depend on the types of meat and fish available. Lamb, cow and chicken curries are the most common. But in Sumatra, fish curry is also very popular. Though gulai almost always incorporates cinnamon. Opor and rendang can be considered gulais, but better to try out the rainbow of other options.
…And there are still many kind of cuisines when travelling in Java and Bali Islands. Just explore the most popular indonesian cuisines in every cities and towns in Java and Bali Islands carefully and selectively.