Generally, the domestic Indonesia Hospitality business is increasing and Bali Island is the best option for investor, then Java where infrastructure is more complete than other islands in Indonesia, as well, the culture and ancient’s historical sites. Java and Bali islands are still dominate the hospitality business sector. The international airports, hotels and resorts have been establishing firmly and consider to raise the number for the visitors supply from abroad.

According to the official data, tourists from Australia, China, Malaysia and Singapore had driven arrivals of 1.7 million in the first half of 2014 to Bali. The report noted that a growing number of hotel room supply should push down Bali’s hotel average occupancy rate to 64 percent this year, from 2014’s forecast of 66 percent.The 7,700 rooms are scheduled to open in 2015 to 2018. This includes rooms from five-star hotels Westin, Hotel Indigo, and a second Ritz-Carlton.

How about Java, which is representative by Yogyakarta, the second tourist destination after Bali. This year, 2015, the local government is preparing the big project of the International Airport since the recent International Airport is not able to get more flights anymore. The area is not standardize for the International airport, also the operational activities is for the Indonesian Air-force which means the domestic activities should follow their schedule.