Every year 100 million Chinese travels abroad for their holiday trips and vacation. There only 800.000 who travels to Indonesia only and most of them goes to Bali. Garuda Airways will open a new direct flight to Bali, beside to Jakarta. This new service as an effort to attract and facilitate Chinese tourists traveling to Bali and beyond.

With the increasing number of Chinese tourists who travels to Bali, the national airline of Garuda Indonesia Airways opens regular return flights nonstop Beijing-Denpasar and Denpasar-Beijing. The first Opening flight will be on January 12, 2015 to Denpasar-Beijing and January 13, 2015 for the Beijing-Denpasar. The Denpasar route to Beijing will be a direct flight.
Garuda Indonesia Airways
Flights will be operated three times a week by Airbus A330 aircraft. Garuda Indonesia Airways will serve Beijing nonstop returned flights to Denpasar three times a week. While the Beijing-Jakarta flight remained normal four times a week. Denpasar-Beijing flight will be served every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday every week. Flights to Beijing, China from Denpasar will be served at 21:45 pm and arrive in Beijing at 05:00 local time. While from Beijing to Denpasar at 06.30 and arrive in Denpasar at 13:00 pm.

By this additional flights services, we hope there will be more Chinese tourists visit Bali and beyond every year. Java is the second destination after Bali for Borobudur temple visit. Most Chinese are Buddhist people which has emotional-spiritual reasons to fly to Java island, after Bali or Jakarta.