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Must Visit Best Places in Bali Island Nusa Dua

There are many best places in Bali island, and Nusa dua is one best places that you have to visit once you spend your holiday in this island of Gods. You can enjoy spending time in this beautiful place with your spouse, family, and friends. Here are the best places to visit in Nusa Dua for your recommendation:
§ Enjoy the amazing water blow in a hidden canyon in Nusa Dua. The strong and fast waves make such a very high blow. It allows you to capture and enjoy the moment when the blow hits you.
§ Another recommended place from travel agent Jogja in Nusa Dua is The pirates bay. In this place, you can see a replica of pirate ship along with beautiful view of the surrounding. This is the best charm you can only find in Bali island nusa dua.
§ Another recommended place from Jogja travel agent is cultural show. In this event, you can see a performance in 90 minutes including cultural show, traditional dances, acrobatic solo dancer, and many more.

Well, you can’t never go wrong with Bali island. There are many things to do and many places to visit. You won’t even have time to breathe from the amazement while visiting Bali island nusa dua. The place, people, art performance, and everything are just perfect gifts from God. Bali is just colorful with joy and cultures which will lead you to happiness.

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